Friday, September 7, 2012

Puppies For Sale!

Well, these sweet pups are seven weeks old and ready to find new homes.*  We love these little guys and want them to have great homes, so here are some things you should know if you are interested in buying.

These are bird dogs (German Wirehaired Pointer x Wirehaired Vizsla) and are highly athletic.  They will need room to run and/or someone committed to exercising them.  They will enjoy fetching, swimming and running.  That said, both parents are very mellow when inside.

Red, Green, Orange and Blue (collar color) are Male.  Green has smoother shorter hair.  Orange, Blue, and Red have longer hair.

Purple, Lime, Brown and Yellow are female.  Lime has the longer hair.  Brown, Yellow and Purple have smoother, shorter hair.

They are all adorable and I feel very confident that each one will be a wonderful family pet.  If their parents are any indication, they should all be good hunters as well.  The parents are lovely dogs - companionable, eager to please and very loving!

You are welcome to call for more info or to line up a time to come see the pups.

*The puppies will have shots next Tuesday and will be ready to join their new families later next week.